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Tockholes Village Committee (TVC), is convened to stimulate the social life of the village through organising social functions. This way money is raised to fund children & pensioner’s parties, etc., and to help old & young alike, get to know & understand each other in a social setting and have fun..

The officials are chairman, treasurer and secretary and there are several other members whose roles change to meet the particular needs of the day in helping organize and run the social events of the village.

Traditionally, the main event each year has been the annual Gala usually in July, but for many years the Gala was not run till last year where we decided to run it again with great success but this time in September,  the Gala takes place on the school field and raises much of the money to fund the charity events. The 2010 Gala this year will be held in July 2010.

More recently, fundraising has been also done through evening social events in the Hall and other locations within the Village.


A fluid group of volunteers with the interests of the village social life