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As you will may of heard from Tockus Talk, the Village Hall roof is  in desperate need of a full re-roofing & insulating.

The quotation for this work is around £16,000 minimum to carry out the work.

At a recent meeting in August 2013 with the Village Hall Committee, Parish Council and The Chapel, it was agreed that we would work together to try to raise the funding to pay for this work.

Currently we have raised around £16,500 which has come from fundraising in the village, we have also applied to various Trusts & Foundations who support local community projects, we have been successful so far in raising £10,000 which has been kindly given by 2 local trusts, this donation is on the proviso that the remainder can be raised, we have also been given a cheque from All Churches Trust and we have now received a cheque for £2,500 from the Garfield Weston Foundation, all to which we are very grateful for their generosity.

Since raising the money we have then thought about the long term of the Village hall and looked at replacing the heating system, renovating the hall and also installing Photovoltaic solar panels.

We have applied to SITA for funding to help with this, and subject to contract signing with SITA, we have secured an additional £53,500. This is to install a new central heating system, roof repair, and a complete renovation of the village hall inside and out, then dependant on how much money is left over we hope to refurbish the toilets & kitchen also.

What the funding from SITA won’t pay for is the PV solar panels, but we had applied to Marks & Spencer’s Energy Fund, which provides support to communities looking into renewable energy projects, and we can now happly say we have won this competition and won a further £12,500 to help pay for the PV panels.

As you will have seen the Village Hall roof has now been re-roofed and the PV panels have been installed.

We have also just received more funding from The Big Lottery Fund, to re-furbish the toilets & the kitchen, and with the money we have left we are completely renovating the hall.

This work is due to start very soon.

If you have any questions please contact me on the details below.

Chris Tobin

chris.tobin@tockholes.org.uk - 07889 105 969